Podcasts - Marketing to 7.1 Million Prospects

With over 7.1 million people in the UK regularly listening to podcasts, we'll show you how to engage with and educate that audience

As a huge fan of podcasts (primarily real crime and Woman's Hour) I hadn’t considered podcasts as a form of marketing. Yet companies of all sizes and types are using Podcasts as an innovative form of marketing. Their popularity has only increased with more of us turning to podcasts to entertain us on our daily constitutional or at home (I listen while I do my cleaning).

Did you know there are an estimated 7.1 million listeners in the UK? That means one in eight people listen to podcasts, an increase of 24% over the past year and more than double over the past five years (Ofcom). 63% of listeners are men with 67% listening to an entire episode (backtracks.fm).

I will be speaking with Keith Easton, Director of Wel Podcast Studio about podcasts. We will talk about what makes a good business podcast and how small and large businesses are using it as a marketing tool.

Find out:

  • What makes a good and bad podcast
  • What types of businesses does it work for
  • What makes it a powerful and personal marketing tool
  • How to market your podcast

Keith has worked with many companies including Queen Margaret University, EGG (Edinburgh Gossip Girls), Whin Co, Alan Nash (Ace Property), Edinburgh Rugby and many more.

If you would like to discuss Podcasts (or you would like help with other aspects of your marketing), we are offering a free call to give you advice and help.

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