Originally recorded on 12th March 2020 but still very relevant

The Only Two Lead Generation Strategies you Need to Know

In these unprecedented times, we still need to do everything we can to generate leads. In this presentation (originally delivered on 12th March 2020), we talk about 2 lead generation plans that are proven to work. What’s more - it will still work today.

Of course everything has changed since 12th March, but we still have to maintain our business, so we still need to market to our customers.
In this video, we cover how you can generate leads as a service company (whether that is B2C or B2B). Selling a service is a very different proposition and challenge to that of a product. We will take an indepth look at those challenges and how to overcome them. How do you sell a service to customers today?

To try to help all businesses at this time, we are offering a free call to give advice and help with how you can market your business, now that we can no longer network, attend events, or even go outside!!

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