Produce Engaging Content to Grow Your Audience

Influencer Marketing have reported that 69% of brands expect to reduce their advertising spend this year. 74% of brands are posting less on social media and only 1 in 4 companies said that they would increase their marketing.

By contrast Mashable conducted an *extremely scientific* Twitter poll to see how their followers' screen time had increased since lockdown and social distancing came into place. 75% said it was up and over 22% reported their screen time was up by 100%.

What does this mean?

It means this is a huge opportunity for you to buck this trend and market your business. With email open rates, social interaction and the consumption of information and content through the roof it really is the perfect time to stay in touch with your network and share your expertise and knowledge with them.

So why are more businesses not doing this?

In part because we aren’t sure how or what we should say in the given circumstances. At our next, now virtual HUG meeting I will be showing you how to produce sensitive and engaging content. I’ll show you how to keep in touch with your customers, those in your pipeline and your network in general. I’ll also show you how to attract a whole new audience of potential customers and ensure you maximise all the benefits of your content marketing. All in an empathetic, intelligent and authentic manner that your audience will appreciate.

I’ll be covering the following:

  • How communication has changed
  • The strategy to producing appropriate and engaging content
  • The content your audience will really appreciate
  • All the systems and platforms you’ll need to launch your content marketing

If you would like to discuss your content (or you would like help with other aspects of your marketing), we are offering a free call to give you advice and help.

Just book your time with Ruth McKay below.

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